Contents cover available for all residential clients; we also cover students who live in Halls of Residence, Flats or shared rooms. This policy would cover Perils such as fire, theft, explosion storm or flood etc. Additional benefits can also include accidental and tenants liability to the public of £2,000,000.

Landlords Contents Insurance
  • Property owner’s liability up to £5 million
  • Terrorism cover included
  • Cover for Professional tenants, Self-Employed, DSS, Students and even Asylum Seekers
  • Accidental damage included as standard
  • Loss of rent up to 30% of the sum insured
  • Cover is ‘new for old’
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Tenant’s Contents Insurance

The tenant’s contents insurance policy is available to all residential tenants (including students) living in flats, bed-sits, shared accommodation and students in halls of residence, for properties of all sizes throughout the UK. The insurance covers loss or damage as a result of all standard perils including:

  • Fire, Smoke, Explosion, Lightning, Earthquake.
  • Storm or Flood.
  • Theft or Attempted Theft consequent upon violent and forcible entry.
  • Escape of Water.
  • Malicious Damage consequent upon violent and forcible entry.
  • Riots or Civil Commotion.
  • Collision, Falling Trees or Branches.
  • Lamp-posts, TV aerials or Masts.

The benefits of this type of insurance include:

  • Accidental Damage to Home Entertainment Equipment.
  • Accidental Damage to Mirrors and Glass.
  • Accidental Loss of Oil and Metered Water.
  • Temporary Removal.
  • Alternative Accommodation.
  • Tenants’ Liability to the public up to £2,000,000.
  • Accidental damage to Landlord’s Contents – The policy includes full accidental damage cover to landlords’ contents, so helping to protect a your deposit.
  • Cover for your Personal Possessions – This policy offers additional cover for personal possessions provided that they belong to you or your family and that they are mainly used for private purposes. This includes personal effects, valuables and money.
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