Van Insurance

It is important to clearly understand the needs of your business in order to find the right van insurance. Factors such as whether you drive your van abroad (you would need European cover) or whether a comprehensive breakdown service is important play a large part in determining van insurance package that would best suit you. There are three types of van insurance covers: Van Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance
As the title indicates, this type of van insurance covers you against most risks to your commercial van, including loss or damage to the van itself, personal injury and medical expenses.

Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance
This van insurance policy protects you against damage to people and their property, theft of your van and fire risks.

Third Party Insurance
This van insurance cover is the most basic and inexpensive van insurance available. It doesn't cover you against damage to your van; it only covers risks to other people and their property.

It's important to know that there are additional options you can choose with your van insurance package, such as Breakdown Cover, Drivers' Legal Protection and many more. Our van insurance policy can include:
  • Courtesy van
  • Cover for up to 5 named drivers
  • Use a no claims bonus earned on a car, if it's not being used on another vehicle
  • No claims discount
  • Windscreen cover
  • Audio cover
  • Sat nav and telephone cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • Discounts for adding extra security devices
  • Option of adding breakdown cover
  • Option of adding legal expenses: recover your uninsured losses in the event of an accident that wasn't your fault, including replacement vehicle hire, loss of earnings and injury compensation
  • And many more....

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