Using Drones To Help Settle Insurance Claims € How AIG Is Leading The Way?

How are they being used in insurance? In the USA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) updated their regulations in 2016 to allow the use of drones for aerial inspections. This has led to the widespread adoption of drone use by insurers, using the high-quality imagery they provide to help underwriters price risks, to assess claims damage, and also prevent claims before they happen. Drones offer multiple benefits over traditional methods of property inspection: •They are much safer for loss adjustors to use in risky situations such as inspecting high roofs or damaged buildings, rather than having to access it themselves •They can provide a quick response, especially when dealing with remote or inaccessible locations, heights etc. and removes the need for the specialist contractors or equipment normally involved. As well as speeding up the claims process, this also helps clients get a head-start on repairs or prevent further damage •They can capture images that insurers wouldn’t normally be able to access or would be very expensive to obtain, such as assessing wild fire or storm damage, or inspecting mile-upon-mile of pipelines or railways. Drones were used to inspect damage at a nuclear power plant following the Japanese earthquake in 2011 and after the Tianjin explosions in 2015 •Drones can complete multiple inspections in a day, especially useful when assessing the high volumes of claims following seasonal storms or floods How is AIG using drones? AIG has pioneered the use of drones in the insurance industry with our in-house drone programme, our own tail number and experienced FAA licensed pilots as employees. Since 2015, we’ve flown at stadiums, hotels, office buildings, construction sites, and energy plants. We’re deploying the technology overseas as well, using drones to assess property damage after Typhoon Goni in Japan in 2015. We share the data we collect with following insurers on insurance programmes to help quantify claims, and with clients to help them recover from the loss. We also share pre-loss data from property inspections with clients, to help better write the risk in the first place and also plan maintenance programmes. Future uses of drones in insurance The sensors and cameras carried by drones will soon not only be capable of inspecting the outer surfaces of buildings but also look inside the structures themselves. Coupled with further advances in 3D modelling, drones will be able to capture more information about damage to, or the potential risks associated with, properties. Drones could also be used to combat insurance fraud. For example, an insurer could use a drone to take photos of an accident scene and then verify the details submitted in an insurance claim. This would be especially powerful if used in parallel with telematics data. At AIG, we’re investigating broadcasting footage from our drones live on the internet so underwriters, brokers and clients can all watch it from different locations – to enable everyone to gain a deeper understanding of the risk and to allow different parties to zoom in on particular aspects.
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