Gang Of 4 Found Fundamentally Dishonest For Casualty Liability Claim

Four claimants have had their claims dismissed after being found fundamentally dishonest and ordered to pay back costs of £22,000. The fraudulent activity became apparent after Allianz received a casualty liability claim from its insured, a motor repair shop. A vehicle technician at the repair shop replaced the brakes to the claimants’ vehicle, after carrying out a routine inspection and service. The claimants later reported that there was a problem with the brakes which caused the car wheels to lock, resulting in the car hitting a kerb and all passengers sustaining alleged personal injuries. After Allianz’s insured had admitted a breach and dismissed the vehicle technician for his negligence, there were some concerns regarding the claimants’ credibility and the circumstances of the incident and the injuries. An investigation by Allianz and DAC Beachcroft revealed that all four of the claimants’ GP records did not match up. Conflicting stories surrounding the speed of the accident, the injuries sustained and the way the vehicle came to a stop contradicted each other. One claimant chose not to disclose to their GP that their injury had been as a result of a vehicle accident as they didn’t want to appear 'weak' and the others contradicted what they had said previously in their witness statement. At a two day trial, it was found that on balance of probability the accident did not happen as described by the four claimants. The claim was dismissed and a finding of fundamental dishonesty was ruled. Nick Kelsall, fraud manager, Allianz Insurance said: “It is very unusual to have more than one claimant on a casualty case and very rare for all four of them to have been found fundamentally dishonest. It goes to show that people think they can get away with exaggerating minor accidents in the hope of being compensated for their own financial gain without question. “Working together with specialists such as DAC Beachcroft demonstrates our ongoing commitment to challenging and tackling insurance fraud”. The finding now means that Allianz can recover any costs back.