Woman 'saws Off Own Hand' In Bid To Win £340,000 Insurance Payout

A Slovenian woman has been arrested after allegedly sawing off her own hand in a bid to falsely claim around €400,000 (£340,000) in compensation. Police say the 21-year-old conspired with relatives to make the fraudulent insurance claim by deliberately cutting off her hand above the wrist with a circular saw. The woman was rushed to hospital by family members, who told doctors she hurt herself while sawing branches at her home in Ljubljana, according to BBC News. Detectives say the group left the severed hand behind hoping to ensure the disability was permanent. However, medics were able to recover it in time and reattach it. The suspect recently took out injury insurance and stood to gain monthly payments of around €3,000 (£2,555). Four members of the family were detained earlier this year, but two were later released. The woman and a relative each face up to eight years in prison if convicted.