Motor Trade Insurance

Any person who works in the motor trade industry should cover himself under motor trade insurance policy as anything can go wrong. Motor trade insurance policy can be customised according to your needs and the type of work involved or whichever type of vehicle you have.

Car dealerships and MOT test centres should definitely go for motor trade insurance to protect themselves against any mishaps. We offer a total solution to cover all aspects of Motor Trading with our Trader policies.

The Trader Policy

The trader policy suits those who have their own premises for their business and are involved in buying and selling.

Quote Us can provide you with competitive quotes from the leading insurers and also modify the policy according to your business needs.

Some of the covers that we provide with our motor trade insurance policy are as follows:

  • Material damage This feature covers your buildings, machinery, plant, trade contents, stock and vehicles for loss or damage on an all risks basis. This includes cover for incidents such as fire, explosion, storm damage, malicious damage and theft involving forcible and violent entry or exit from the premises.
  • Public liability (minimum £1 million)
  • Products liability
  • Motor Vehicle road risks Third Party Only: If you are involved in an accident, you are covered for damage you cause to other peoples vehicles or property or for injuries they sustain. Third Party Fire and Theft: You are also covered for loss or damage to the insured vehicle caused by fire, explosion or theft. Partial Comprehensive: You are also covered for parts and sundries following any damage to the insured vehicle sustained in an accident or for any damage caused by vandalism. This implies for the customer's vehicle Comprehensive: You are also covered for any damage to the insured vehicle sustained in an accident or for any damage caused by vandalism.
  • Employer's liability (minimum £10 million)
  • Business interruption
  • MOT-Loss of license It provides cover to replace loss of profit from MOT testing and associated repair and servicing work following suspension or withdrawal of your licence.
  • Conversion It covers loss following purchase of a vehicle from a person who does not legally own it.
  • Engineering
  • Personal accident